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What is The Crypto Price Index Project?

The CPI project is the very first token ecosystem of its kind, which provides multiple options for users to gain broad exposure to the cryptocurrency market through our ‘CPIX’ tokens. Unlike other indices of its kind, which typically show the top 10 or perhaps 20 assets, CPIX tokens will be novel in its approach of showing token holders/crypto traders a hugely diversified range of assets across a wide cross-section of the cryptocurrency markets.

Our infrastructure, built and deployed on the tried and tested Ethereum and BSC blockchains, will use advanced technical architecture to track a basket of assets for each CPIX token minted.


The CPI token is a governance token, which is used to represent an interest in the health of the CPIX token ecosystem.

In this way, the CPI token will be the core unit of the CPI ecosystem, as it’s directly used to access our products and services, and is in no way an investment by itself.

CPI token holders will be able to reward or penalise participants in the CPI network. CPI holders are incentivised to participate in the governance of the ecosystem through coin burns.


CPIX tokens are backed by component assets, held via an escrow smart contract. In order to mint the genesis CPIX tokens, a portion of the CPI funds will be deposited to the CPIX smart contract.

Users can mint CPIX Tokens by depositing cryptocurrency, such as ETH or wrapped BTC. In order to redeem tokens, users can redeposit their CPIX back to the smart contract, simultaneously receiving ETH and burning the CPIX specific to that contract, e.g. CPI30. As we’ve discussed, the token will then self balance.

The CPI token will bestow governance powers to its token holders. These include voting on which assets will be included in the CPIX asset list, and steering the CPIX token’s direction.

More About CPI:

CPI tokens are on both ERC-20 (ethereum) and BEP-20 (BSC) protocols:

CPI ERC-20 Token

CPI BEP-20 Token

NOTE: The above contract addresses are the official addresses for CPI tokens. Any tokens claiming to be CPI using a different contract address are fraudulent. Please be diligent and verify addresses before interacting with tokens claiming to be CPI.

Where is CPI Trading?

In addition to most active DEXs, you can buy and sell CPI on these centralized exchanges:

Liquidity Mining & Yield Farming dApp [BETA]

For a beginners guide on liquidity mining and yield farming, click here.  For detailed instructions on how to use this dApp, click here.

You must have MetaMask installed and on the Binance Smart Chain Network to use this dApp.

This dApp supports the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) versions of these tokens only. The ERC-20 (Ethereum) compatible dApp is in development and coming soon. 

WARNING: This dApp is still in development and should be considered a BETA stage product. Use at your own risk. 



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The Roadmap

Q2 2020

Initial Deployment

CPI (ERC-20) deployed on Ethereum network.

Q3 2020

Exchange Listings

CPI listed on BitForex, Bilaxy, HotBit, DigiFinex, dVest, and more.

Q2 2021

Secondary Deployment

CPI (BEP-20) deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network. CPI Farming dApp launches.

Q3 2021

Secondary Development

Social App development begins.

Q4 2021

CPIx Deployment

CPIx deploys and begins testing.

Q1 2022

Social App Deployment

Social App deploys and begins testing.

Partners & Technologies

What's behind CPI?

Executive Team

Meet the people behind CPI

Herbert Law

Founder & CEO

Scotty Crandlemire


Sheikh Abdullah Bin Rashed Al Sharqi


His Excellency Khalfan Saeed Khalfan Al Mazrouei


Iosif Erdos

Advisor to the BOD. Marketing Romania, Hungary and Moldova

Ben Baldanza

Advisor to our BOD on Marketing and Finance

Jesse Christophel

Technology Advisor

Victor Brandt

Advisor to our BOD as Vice-President

Takatoshi Shibayama

Financial advisor to the BOD

Stefan Peterson

Manager of Social Media

Richard van Schagen

Platform logistics and Manager

Henry Leong

Investment banking financial Advisor to our BOD

Akeem Oyola

Advisor to the Board Nigeria

Prof. Edward Yang

Advisor to the BOD. Korea for Marketing

Ken McGraw

Advisor to the BOD. on Global Marketing and Gaming

Ornis Mala

Advisor to the BOD. on Marketing and Technology

Bernard Msekwa

Advisor to the BOD. For Tanzania

Ronak Soni

Advisor to the BOD on Collaboration & Marketing

Clifton Cooper

Advisor to the BOD. on Marketing and Technology

Steven Reynolds

Administration Manager

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